For over 20+ years, ABEL has been commissioned to produce top-notch artwork for numerous companies, including other clothing companies, all the while giving up control of how each one of his designs was reproduced on products. Even though his designs always sold well for those companies, the end product was not always up to par by his standards. He wanted to change that.

It is why OGABEL The Brand takes pride in the quality of the end product produced. "Every newly released design has been lying in wait, patiently awaiting for the last keystrokes of the brush, and/or for the right time to be introduced for the world to see... Yes, we are involved every step of the way, from concept to thumbnails, from rough sketches all the way up to the separations, inks and screens used to imbed our images on the unique surface of every product OGABEL Collection produces."

Best believe that it's all about the art...  Most clothing companies in this genre hire outside artists who more than likely care more about the paycheck rather than the quality of the finished work. Some of these companies also depend on cheap marketing schemes to propel their name driven label.

The heart and soul of OGABEL The Brand is the "artist" behind it not the "CEO". It is what makes this company unique. "It's not about how many rappers, actors and rock stars wear the brand, it's about us normal individuals being moved by such high impacting visual interpretations of thoughts, feelings and emotions we all as a human brotherhood share alike. As an artist, a compliment and or praise for ones' compositions are worth more than gold."

With these years in the biz, OGABEL Collection's great customer service and high standards, as well as design quality, have already proven that it is not your ordinary run of the mill brand. It STRIVES to stand along-side some of the most prestigious of companies perched high above, overlooking a massive repetitive ocean of up-start same ol' style brands that get caught up in doing what the other is doing.

"We don't play dat. =)".. Abel


Contact us at customerservice@shopogabel.com